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For SMG Advisors, the first step is to share the InvestWrite guidelines and discuss the posted writing assignment with your students. You may attend any of the SIFMA Foundation's InvestWrite webinars and you will have access to additional resources posted on the InvestWrite website. Next, be sure to assign essay draft dates and the final due date to your students in order to give yourself enough time to read and select entries before the InvestWrite submission deadline. As their SMG Advisor, you will be first-round judge who will decide which entries to submit on behalf of your students. You may submit entries from as many of your Stock Market Game students as you choose.


Educators must be registered SMG advisors, and your students must be registered and have participated in the Stock Market Game during the eligible session. Please note that each InvestWrite essay must be the individual work of the student, representing their own research, thinking, and writing. You will ensure that the process your students use to write their essays reflects a standard of academic integrity. You will want to read the Official Rules to ensure the essay submission is compliant. If you submit a winning essay, we ask that you assist us in creating a fun and rewarding way to recognize your winner. Also, be ready to take some credit and recognition for the support you provide your students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

InvestWrite offers your students a chance to think critically and learn subject matter that easily answers the common questions, “How can I use this in the real world?” Along with math, economics, language arts and other disciplines wrapped within the program, the premise of earning and investing money speaks clearly to all ages. The opportunity to win exciting national and state-wide awards including medals, pizza parties, gift cards, laptops, cameras and more, gives them a tangible goal to reach for.

Everything you need to know is on the website. Other than discussing the topics with your students and giving them a little direction, you’re done. InvestWrite is designed to enhance the Stock Market Game experience without adding planning time to your current demands.

Absolutely NO COST to qualifying participants.

You can submit as many qualified essays per registered Stock Market Game classroom you teach. We recommend you submit essays that reflect or represent a typical grade of a “C” or better or what you consider to be “average or above” performance. You may submit one qualified essay per registered Stock Market Game student per session.

It takes just a few minutes.

The only requirement is that you and your students must be registered and participate in the Stock Market Game during the eligible time period.

InvestWrite offers a national and state competition component while allowing your students to compete as individuals with other students of the same level all over the country.

Individually. Here’s a chance for your students to take what they have learned as a member of their team and apply their critical thinking and writing skills individually.

Essays are to be written by students individually without excessive adult assistance beyond what is normal for the learning setting. We utilize software to screen for plagiarism and AI/ChatGPT.

Teachers who submit winning essays will be notified personally by telephone or email using the contact information provided in your registration. Teachers with winning essays can expect to hear results approximately 10 to 12 weeks after the close of the competition.